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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. sony pictures classics. union bank. and fidelity investments. >> your personal economy is made up of the things that matter most, including your career. as those things change, fidelity can help you adjust your retirement plan, rethink how you are invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are, a fidelity ira has a wide array of choices that can fit your personal economy. fidelity investments, turn here.
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>> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business. offering specialized solutions in the capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> hello, everyone. you are watching "bbc news." hopes for a great partnership in the 21st century, david cameron arrived in the hopes for it -- arrived for the beginning of a three day tour. >> britain is one of the largest investors in india. i think the basis for that special relationship is there.
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>> back in town, hugo chavez announces his plans for the future of the country after cancer surgery. london fashion week is now in full swing. we will be seeing what is in this year. hello, welcome. david cameron says that the u.k. can forge one of the great partnerships of the 21st century with india. this is his hope as he begins his trade mission. john joins us live from mumbai. there he is. what kind of a profile is this?
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>> david cameron is hoping that he would get a high-profile welcome to the gateway of india behind me. there hoping that this will be a huge increase in british trade. even the chief executive. david cameron has a clear mission, he wants to double the trade that takes place between britain and india but point to 15. that is what this is huge cast of characters already in talks with business groups throughout all sectors. from retail to banking, they are hoping to do some business while they're here. >> it is no more than two years since david cameron was last in india.
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while his task remains the same, the drumbeat is growing by an urgency. the prime minister is on track to double his trade with india by 2016. that is still less than how much belgium trades here. downing street, he says, is the largest boat -- largest abroad excursion. >> as far as i am concerned, the sky's the limit. >> to do that, he said, india would have to start opening up more of its markets, particularly in banking and insurance. >> it has been no more than 120 years since this company first sold its first barroso to the indians in mumbai. this is exactly the kind of
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experience the prime minister wants to see replicated across india. small british companies coming here and selling to india, expanding. >> to the people he promised easier access to britain with a one day fast track and no limits on student numbers, which has -- which have fallen. >> net immigration has fallen by 1/4 under our government. >> we want to see indian university students. >> you say you want a special relationship with india, but does india want a special relationship with india? >> half of the investment from europe goes to britain, and we are the largest investor in britain -- in india. >> he says he wants britain to
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have a great partnership with india in the 21st century. with delhi delaying british helicopter deals, it is a relationship that still needs some work. >> i am joined now by the chief executive of the premier league. welcome, this is a cricket match country. what are you doing here? >> football is the fastest- growing sport in india. they are really starting to take at on and the premier league is of ever more interest to the people here. >> you can see it on their tv channels over the weekend. premier league football is a global brand now, is it not? >> hundreds of millions of
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homes. we have watched the interest here grow exponentially. we just concluded our deal for the next three years. exponential growth as an audience is increasing. >> you are seeing a lot of kids with a cricket bat and whenever they can find. what are you doing to bring football to india? >> we have it operating for years. the british council is running throughout the major cities. we're working with the police on a program that is a replication of our domestic program, kick, taking disadvantaged young and at risk people and forwarding to referee and coaching programs. there is a lot going on the
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ground. >> one of the things becoming clear about this visit is the extent to which there is corruption in in the life. we have also seen corruption in football recently, all of these games that have been fixed. that must be a major worry for your brand. >> there are reports that say this is a wake-up call. we are not being complacent about this. for 15 years we have been working with industry across the european markets. we have two systems in place for identifying patterns. what you have to do is make the market legit -- make the market plunge -- make the law -- make the market legitimate. we would want more countries across the world to legalize betting, then you can control it.
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paying match officials at appropriate sum of money for the job, there is a lot you can do. we understand the threat. one of the reasons the premier league is as popular as it is a run world is the leadership, it must be protected at all costs. >> mumbai is an extraordinary city. what is it? a city for the hungry entrepreneur? or is it a city a la whatever, just plain hungry? one of the most vibrant and overcrowded cities on earth, mumbai would be right up there. the contrasts and contradictions are striking.
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>> 30 years old, a businessman, thinking about rating. we went out for a test drive. >> the front of this car looking the way that it does with the lights, it feels like moses, to be honest. everyone just moves the side. you feel you want to continue to accelerate. >> not everyone is able to live in the fast lane. all cities have their divisions between rich and poor, but rarely do you see it in such an extreme force as in mumbai. in this slum there is no running water, sewage runs down the alley way, there is great overcrowding. this is nothing like as bad as it gets. where do you wash? >> this woman showed me around
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her house. >> this small room, i guess it is about 3 meters by 3 meters, is home to five people. who lives here? you live here with your children? the husband and your mother-in- law? how do you fit? it is very small. >> she tells me it is a tight squeeze. that they put mats on the floor and somehow they manage. >> i want to know what job you want to do when you grow up. >> flying. >> an airplane. you? >> engineer. >> ok, very good. you? >> teacher. >> you want to become a teacher as well? >> once upon a time these would have been dismissed as
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impossible dreams. though there is a long way to go, there is a growing belief that in an increasingly prosperous india, anything is possible. >> that is why you're seeing so many people flocking to india to do deals. the french president was here a few days ago. there are some interesting issues that they have to grapple with as well. the issue of corruption. the indians are unhappy on the way the system operates in britain. there is also the trade protectionism, opening up the markets. that jaguar land rover that you saw sells for twice the price in india as in the u.k. because of the taxes on what are seen of luxury goods. there is a long way to go before david cameron achieves everything he wants, but he believes that this trip will at least be a starting point. here in mumbai, back to you in the studio. >> listening to those lovely
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kids, i was hoping there would said they wanted to be a journalist. the next john. >> who would want to be a journalist? >> we would -- we will be speaking to you more later on. thank you very much. hugo chavez has said on his twitter account that he has returned to venezuela. this message comes three days after the venezuelan government released the first photographs showing him since he was operated on in havana, cuba, december of last year. his fourth operation for cancer, first diagnosed in mid-2011. >> that twitter message to his 3.9 million followers are characteristically bombastic. "we have arrived back in the land of venezuela. thank you, lord. thanks to my beloved people we will continue our treatment here and onwards to victory. we will live and we will
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overcome. the twitter messages made no reference to his health. these pictures of him in a hospital were taken on friday and were the only photographs released during two months of cancer treatments. the minister of information took to state tv to announce the return of hugo chavez. >> he is back, he is back, bravo. we are very happy to be able to share this joyous news. >> but he did not seem to have any information about whether the president is fit enough to run the country. the opposition demanding that the government be more open about the help of hugo chavez. >> there needs to be an immediate end to the allies from the government. they need to tell the truth, be transparent, and go before the television camera every day telling the truth to the people. >> they have insisted that an
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election will be taking place. for now the venezuelan government insists that he remains in charge. >> being described as one of the worst attacks of expatriate workers in northern iraq -- northern nigeria in recent times. foreign workers have been abducted. italian, filipino, british, greek, and lebanese workers are among those who have been abducted. >> nigerian security officials say they are investigating the situation, investigating the case to find out who is behind this, tracking down the attackers and the hostages. there are different nationalities amongst those kidnapped from the construction company. they have yet to confirm that
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britain was a lot -- that a british person was amongst those kidnapped. >> what do we know the possible motives amongst of doctors? kidnapping is frequent in nigeria, though more often in the south of the country. is this a typical case? , manythe niger delta o wealthy nigerians have been adopted. these ran summers feel they can make a lot of money from it. in the north it is a different ball game. these are islamist extremist groups kidnapping people. there recently kidnapped a french national because of their opposition to the french intervention in mali. these groups seem to have different motives for why they kidnap people. >> and now with some troubling news from the airline industry,
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alice. >> absolutely, good to see you. that is right, we begin by talking about a spanish airline. the workers there will begin a five day strike at midnight on monday. staff, including baggage handlers, planning to hold 35 they protests over management plans to cut over 4000 jobs and reduce salaries. cutting over 1000 operators, various airlines will be grounded because of the lack of handling services at spanish airports. it could cost the economy millions of euros. a decline in consumer spending in europe has hit the world's fourth largest [indiscernible] profits have stalled in their
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key markets of russia and eastern europe. they say they are now focusing on asia to exhaust their opportunities. like much of the world, the british high street has suffered from huge casualties lately. but now a supermarket chain is hoping to find some success. they have purchased 49 shops from the failed film rental chain, blockbuster, which they will transform and convenience stores. the new franchise is expected to create new jobs. for the moment the managing director describe what was behind the change. >> the convenience sector, 20 pence on every pound in the u.k. is spent in convenience stores. customers tell us that those
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convenience stores do not give them fresh products or prices. we thought we could bring morris into a convenience store, offering great and fresh products at great prices. they consider the opportunity to go to high streets and bring back some bustle. >> the japanese yen has continued its slide against the u.s. dollar today. they were not following a lack of restraint against the japanese authorities. it was thought the central bankers meeting over the weekend were calling for governments to stop taking action to weaken their currencies, but the final communique out of japan is criticism over the recent weakness. let's have a quick look to see how european markets are fairing. as we can see, a mixture across the board.
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being led lower by weaker mining stocks, all of it being affected by the equities there being closed for presidents day. that is all for me. i will be back with a bit more. >> thank you very much. the latest headlines from bbc news, david cameron promises to make it easier for indian students to trade and study in the uk as he kicks off his tour of mumbai. hugo chavez from -- announcing his return to the country after cancer surgery. the bbc has apologized for any disruption that has been caused to the broadcast today as some members of the national union of journalists have walked out in protest against compulsory redundancies. >> radio and tv output today is being disrupted by a 24-hour journalist write.
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-- journalist strike. >> the broadcasting headquarters, this program among many others was canceled. a protest in of the bbc decision to make compulsory redundancies. staff in scotland are among those at risk. glasgow the amount -- they mounted a picket line. many programs on the radio five line and the non-news programs elsewhere have continued normally. they are disappointed -- the bbc had declared their disappointed that the unions have taken strike action and say that industrial action cannot alter the fact that they have significant savings targets and have a need to make significant progress in reducing the need for compulsory redundancies. they say that taking action in belfast and elsewhere to defend
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jobs in quality journalism. >> there is an agreement on redeployment. we find ourselves sitting strike action for the future of the bbc. >> union members walked out at midnight. managers are hoping the strike will end later tonight. >> london fashion week, a time when the world's top designers the -- descend on england. for the top brands being exhibited, there is the problem of what to do over the global markets of fake goods. our correspondent has been out and about investigating this most lucrative of trades.
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>> more than 1300 shops, the largest collection of designer fashion brands under one roof in the world. 65 people have walked through stores. more than dedicated top and brands, serious cash is needed. this is not the only place they can be gone 225 designer fashions. a bag selling for nearly $1,400 in the mall sells for less fibrin to tell the road. -- sells for less five minutes down the road. shopkeepers are very happy to show off their goods.
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the brands are hidden here by police raids and pieces like this to make shopkeepers nervous, they do not take any risk. >> dubai is cracking down on fakes. >> we have confiscated goods from people. [indiscernible] decreased by 30%, the quantity and quality. >> east meets west, something for everyone who comes here. they may have the signs of being a fashion capital and are hoping to crack down.
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>> let's take you to really action is happening. lucie, how is it going? >> london fashion week is in full swing. there are 5000 loggers, buyers, photographers, and crucially -- models here. let's talk about them. i am joined by the chief at premier model management. >> i love the action. >> what is the trade? >> there is an interesting trend about an ambiguous race. we are looking for models were you cannot quite tell if they are black, indian, moroccan. that is something that we find very exciting to discover. >> where you go to find those
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women? >> london is a fantastic place, such a multi-cultural center. we do travel anywhere. right now we have partnered with an agency in angola because we have never scouted in that area before. >> is it challenging? >> it is a challenging issue. i have scouted girls who come from moslem backgrounds, but their families are not interested in supporting them or it is just not something they would do. >> they have to have quite a liberal background. >> absolutely. usually the models that we discover our mixed race or have very liberal parents. >> can you name a couple? >> [indiscernible] is a model that we represent, amazing, with very liberal parents. it has allowed her to capture a part of the market that is not
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as competitive. >> i have seen so many models since i have been here. is there more to come? >> absolutely, the models love to come here, it is such an amazing city and there is a real buzz of creativity in london that you do not have as much in new york. >> that is it for me, for now, at fashion week. >> a quick reminder of our top stories, the british prime minister says that you taken for one of the greatest partnerships of the 21st century with india. bye-bye. >> funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. union bank. fidelity investments. and united healthcare.
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>> with united healthcare, i got help with my life, connection to doctors, and an estimate on the cost so that i would never miss a beat. >> 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. health in numbers. that is united healthcare. >> your personal economy is made up of the things that matter most, including your career. as those things change, fidelity can help you readjust your retirement plan, rethink how you are invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity ira has a wide range of investment choices that can fit your personal economy. fidelity investments, turn here.
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